14 Public Administration

Unit-I Introduction to Public Administration: Public Administration- Meaning, Nature, Scope & Significance; Evolution and Present Status of the Discipline; Politics- Administration Dichotomy; Globalization and Public Administration; Paradigm shift from Government to Governance. Principles of Organization: Division of work; Hierarchy; Coordination; Unity of Command; Span of Control; Authority, Power and Responsibility; Delegation, Centralization and Decentralization; Line, […]


Evolution of Mankind The Constitution of India – Basic Features The Earth – Its Geographical Features India – A Diverse Country The Environment – Major Concerns Natural Resources Major Occupations in India

Orthopedics – Part 1

IMAGING1. Periosteal Reaction*2. Investigations for stress Fracture3. Osteomyelitis and Bone TumorsINFECTIONS:1. Osteomyelitis2. Pyogenic arthritis3. ActinomycosisTUBERCULOSIS:1. Pott’s spine*2. T.B. Knee & HipBONE TUMORS:1. Diagnosis especially benign tumors*2. Management malignant tumors*3. Bone CystSPORTS INJURY:1. Cruciate ligaments and Meniscal injuriesAMPUTATION:1. Symes2. Choparts3. LisfrancTRAUMATOLOGY1. COMPLICATION:a. Compartment Syndromeb. Crush Injuryc. Fat Embolismd. Sudecks dystrophye. Myositis Ossificans


Unit-1 : Micro Economics  Theory of Consumer Behaviour  Theory of Production and Costs  Decision making under uncertainty Attitude towards Risk  Game Theory – Non Cooperative games  Market Structures, competitive and non-competitive equilibria and their efficiency properties  Factor Pricing  General Equilibrium Analysis  Efficiency Criteria: Pareto-Optimality, Kaldor – Hicks and Wealth Maximization  Welfare Economics: Fundamental Theorems , […]


Diversity in Living World Structural Organization in Animals and Plants Cell Structure and Function Plant Physiology Human physiology


Units & Measurement Units (Different systems of units, SI units, fundamental and derived units) Dimensional Analysis Precision and significant figures Fundamental measurements in Physics (Vernier calipers, screw gauge, Physical balance etc) Kinematics Properties of vectors Position, velocity and acceleration vectors Motion with constant acceleration Projectile motion Uniform circular motion Relative motion Newton’s Laws of Motion […]


  CLASS-11 Physics             Physical world and measurement Kinematics Laws of motion Work, energy and power Motion of system of particles and rigid body Gravitation Properties of bulk matter Thermodynamics Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory Oscillations and waves CLASS-11 Chemistry       Some basic concepts of chemistry Structure of atom Classification of elements and periodicity in […]


AMU Entrance Test B.A. L.L.B Exam Pattern The candidates are advised to refer to the exam pattern before starting off their preparation. Through the AMU BA LLB Exam Pattern, the candidates will be able to know more details about the examination. Mode – Pen and Paper Mode Duration – Two hours Medium of Language – […]


Protein and Gene Manipulation Cell Culture and Genetic Manipulation Practicals