Fundamental of Physics Fundamentals of Chemistry Introduction of Biology Mechanical Force Matter Plants Work & Pressure Elements, compounds and mixtures Animal Energy Physical & chemical changes Our environment Magnetism Air Water Rock & Soil


Unit – I Conceptual Framework of Comparative Literature 1. The Emergence of Comparative Literature 2. Difference/ Alterity and the Ethics of Plurality 3. Limitations of the Idea of National Literature 4. Theories of Interpretation   Unit – II Literary Historiography 1. Sources of Literary History: Oral, Manuscriptal, Scriptal and Virtual 2. Approaches to Literary History: […]

59 Library and Information Science

Unit – I 1. Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. 2. Information Life Cycle – Generation, Collection, Storage and Dissemination. 3. Role of Information in Planning, Management, Socio-economic, Cultural, Educational and Technological Development. 4. Information Science – Relationship with other subjects, Information Society and Knowledge Society. 5. Communication – Concept, Types, Theories, Models, Channels and Barriers; […]

49 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies

Unit – I : (Emergence of Islam) and khilafat-e-rashidah 1. Socio-Religious conditions of pre-Islamic Arabia 2. Political and Economic condition 3. Prophet’s life at Makkah and Madina 4. Migration: Importance and implications 5. Formation of Islamic State and Society at Madina 6. The Prophet(PBUH) as a Law giver, Statesman and Mercy to mankind 7. Institution […]


COURSE OBJECTIVE: Undergraduate programme in Orthodontics is designed to enable the qualifying dental surgeon to diagnose, analyse and treat common orthodontic problems by preventive, interceptive and corrective orthodontic procedures. The following basic instructional procedures will be adapted to achieve the above objectives.   Introduction, Definition, Historical Background, Aims and Ojectives of Orthodontics and Need for […]


Unit – I Negotiating the Sources: Archaeological sources: Exploration, Excavation, Epigraphy and Numismatics. Dating of Archaeological Sites. Literary Sources: Indigenous Literature: Primary and Secondary: problem of dating Religious and Secular Literature, Myths, Legends, etc. Foreign Accounts: Greek, Chinese and Arabic. Pastoralism and Food production: Neolithic and Chalcolithic Phase: Settlement, distribution, tools and patterns of exchange. […]


Integral Calculus: Area Under Curves Definite Integration Differential Equation Indefinite Integration Algebra: Binomial Theorem Complex Numbers Mathematical Induction Matrices and Determinants Permutation and Combination Progressions Set Theory and Relations Probability Theory of Equation Coordinate Geometry: Circle Ellipse Hyperbola Parabola Point and Straight Line Vector Differential Calculus: Continuity and Differentiability Differential Coefficient Differentiation and Application of […]


Unit – I Introduction to Archaeology: Definition; aims, scope and ethics of archaeology; history and growth of Archaeology. History of Indian archaeology. Relationship of archaeology with social and natural sciences. Type and nature of archaeological data. Retrieval of archaeological data: Methods of explorations and excavations. (Random and systematic prospections; subsurface investigations using modern techniques such […]

12 Home Science

UNIT-I : FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT 1. Food science and nutrition. 2. Properties of food – physical and chemical properties 3. Quality evaluation of foods- objectives and subjective. 4. Effects of cooking and processing techniques on nutritional components and other physical parameters, food preservation and application. 5. Food pigments and additives. 6. Food […]

Medicine – Part 2

RHEUMATo Vasculitis: CHAPEL HILL Classification most importanto SLE, Systemic Sclerosis, RA, Gouto Behcets Diseaseo Wilson’s, HemochromatosisENDOCRINEo Pituitary Adenoma,Sheehan syndrome, Lymphocytic hypophysitiso Galactorrhea‐amenorrhea Syndromeo Disorders of Calcium Metabolismo MEN syndromeso Diabetes: Mx, MODY (to be done with pharmacology)NEUROLOGYo LOCALISATION of pathology most importanto Specific EEG changeso Stroke: Approach, Mx, Windowo Epilepsy: Causes, Mx (to be done […]