·         Food-Where does it Come From ·         Components of Food ·         Fibre to Fabric ·         Sorting Materials into Groupss ·         Separation of Substances ·         Changes around Us ·         Getting To Know Plants ·         Body Movements ·         The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings ·         Motion and Measurement of Distances ·         Light, Shadows and Reflections ·         […]


Sets, Relations and Functions Trigonometric Functions Phase 1 Trigonometric Functions Phase 2 Principle of Mathematical Induction Complex Numbers Quadratic Equations Linear Inequalities Permutations and Combinations Binomial Theorem Sequence and Series Straight Lines Pair of Lines Conic Sections Circles Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry Limits and Derivatives Probability Statistics and Mathematical Reasoning  


  Accounting for Partnership Firms Accounting for Companies Financial Statement Analysis Analysis of Financial Statements Cash Flow Statement Project Work OR Computerized Accounting Computerized Accounting Accounting for Share Capital Features of a Company Kinds of Companies Share Capital of a Company Categories of Share Capital Nature and Classes of Shares Issue of Shares Accounting Treatment […]


Crop Production and Management Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Coal and Petroleum Conservation of Plants and Animals Reproduction In Animals Force and Pressure Sound Some Natural Phenomena Stars and The Solar System Micro-organisms: Friend and Foe Materials: Metals and Non-Metals Combustion and Flame Cell – Structure and Functions Reaching The Age of Adolescence Friction Chemical Effects […]


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. अपनी-अपनी रंगतें         राख की रस्सी (लोककथा)     फसलों के त्योहार (लेख)     खिलौनेवाला (कविता)       नन्हा फनकार (कहानी)     जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह (लेख)     बात का […]


Nature and Purpose of Business Forms of Business Organisations Public, Private and Global Enterprises Business Services Emerging Modes of Business Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics Finance and Trade Sources of Business Finance Small Business Internal Trade International Business


Flamingo (Prose) The Last Lesson Lost Spring Deep Water The Rattrap Indigo Poet and Pancakes The Interview Going Places Flamingo (Poem) My Mother at Sixty Six An Elementry School Classroom in a Slum Keeping Quiet A Thing of Beauty A Roadside Stand Aunt Jennifers Tigers Vistas The Third Level The Tiger King Jurney To The […]


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Structure of Atom Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure States of Matter Thermodynamics Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Equilibrium Redox Reactions Hydrogen The s-Block Elements The p-Block Elements. Organic Chemistry Hydrocarbons Environmental Chemistry


Variations in Psychological Attributes Self and Personality Meeting Life Challenges Psychological Disorders Therapeutic Approaches Attitude and Social Cognition Social Influence and Group Processes Psychology and Life Developing Psychological Skills


Matter in our surroundings Is matter around us pure Atoms and Molecules Structure of the atom Basic Mathematics Application in Physics Element, Mixture and Compounds The fundamental unit of life Tissues Diversity in living organisms Motion in a plane Motion in a straight line Force and laws of motion Gravitation Work and energy Physical World […]