Elements & principles of design

The term ‘Graphic Design’ and William Addison Diggings; Basics of Graphic Design/Applied Art: Image and Text; Developing message to promote product. Terms and terminologies relevant to advertising Industry: Understanding of the ‘Portmanteau’ terms such as, Advertorials, Info graphics, Infomercials, Edutainment etc.


Innovations and Movements

History of advertising in India and rest of the world; Calligraphy, Advent of moveable types, Typefaces, fronts and families; Architecture and anatomy of letters; Classifications of types and size, Early Typographers and study of traditional hand writing and script like Indian manuscripts, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Roman etc. Development of printing processes in India and rest of the world: letterpress, gravure, silk-screen and Offset etc. Movements that influenced graphic design: Art Nouveau, The Art of War), The ISMs of Art: Futurism, Dada, De Stijl, & Constructivism, Art and Craft movement, Bauhaus movement and new typography, history of graphic design and the nature of advertising history, Illustrated Modernism & Psychedelia, New Wave and Post Modernism, Digital Expressionism & Postscript, The Digital Future.


Advertising forms and media

Print, outdoor, electronic and new media advertising; Media Options: newspapers and magazines, radio, TV and cinema, posters, Direct Mail, Ambient and Guerrilla advertising, digital and online advertising. Viral Advertising. Boom in Outdoor advertising: billboards and transits, innovative Materials and advantages. Emergence of Poster as a ‘new genre of art’: Study of posters with reference to Poland, Japan, UK and America and Bolshevik Russia. Placards and propagandas, Protest and Wartime posters, Subway culture. Cultural frames of advertising phases: Idolatry, Iconology, Narcissism, and Transition from ‘Totemism’ (the fourth cultural frame) to ‘Mise-en-Scene’ (Fifth Frame); Evolution from Traditional to Industrial to Consumer society & development of communications media. Future of advertising and advertising agencies. Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment The impact of Graphic Design with advance technology; Re-defining “Graphic design”; Attributes needed by the modern designers.


Design, campaign and packaging

Designing of logo, rebus, symbol, mark and corporate identity; stories behind the development of most well-known symbols/identities the world; Brands, rebranding and brand positioning; Precursors and prophets of advertising theories and principles; Designing events –Event Mascots and other global entertainments, films and festivals. Campaign planning and strategy: the client, market research, account planning, creative brief. Developing visuals and messages for print-ads (newspaper and magazines), Direct Mail, posters, outdoor advertising (billboards and transits), merchandising, show-windows and supermarket items (Point of sales / Point of Purchase items, dispensers, stands, stalls etc.) Media selection, Approaches& the target audience. Innovations in media. New technologies, TV graphics, multimedia presentation, web-page designing and understanding of rector and vector software; Internet – its use in advertising products and services, net marketing. Prepress, Printing presses, and Post-press: manipulations of pixels and resolutions, colour corrections, knowledge of computer-to-plate graphic reproductions, offset printing, Finishing and Converting. Additive and subtractive colours, four colour printing mechanics, Spot Colours and Lainations, UVs etc. Design of packaging, merchandising and novelties.

Advertising corporate and new trends

Origin and growth of advertising agencies: Role and responsibilities of a Graphic designer. Creative core: Creative/Art Director, Visualizer, and Copywriter, interaction in developing concepts. World’s leading Advertising Corporates, Multinationals and Indian scenario: Indian Advertising Agencies with all India branches. Ad-Gurus or remarkable Ad-Men and epoch making advertising campaigns by them. Highest honours, Awards in the advertising creativity and extraordinary contribution. Famous designers of the world on branding and corporate identity design, Film titles. Interdisciplinary participation approach with disciplines of art, collaboration and internship with industries and corporates. Computers and its role in creating new visual effects (Photography, Digital Graphics, Film titles, Multimedia presentations, Image Editing, Web Graphics and types of online Advertising, Web page designing); Importance of market research in advertising. Print media vs. Electronic Media.